IB Student Life

  • Are IB students at Patrick Henry High School isolated from other students?
    • No; IB courses are open to all students at Patrick Henry High School. The classes include students taking many different courses and offer candidates the chance to hear different opinions from their non-IB diploma peers.
  • Can IB students be involved in athletics and extra-curricular activities, have a social life, and still maintain good grades?
    • Definitely. Most IB students are very involved in sports and/or clubs and activities here at Patrick Henry High School as well as in their community and churches. Most say the busier they are, the more efficient they are in making the most of their time. They have active social lives and say they do need some time for fun in order to be effective learners. IB forces students to become efficient time managers. They learn to prioritize course work and create study groups for their own learning styles. Involvement in sports, school clubs, and activities can count toward CAS.
  • How does one avoid burn-out? How do you know if you should continue in the program?
    • Once you are invested, plug along! Incentives become more and more evident the deeper you get into the program: focus on one thing at a time; steer clear of negative people; accept constructive criticism when it is offered; and don’t fret.
      If, however, it is necessary to transfer out of the program it has been demonstrated that the experience in and of itself is a marketable commodity; students still can maintain advanced studies course selections and high academic goals.
IB Coordinator Contact Info

Wendy Edelman (AHS)

Jessica Orth (HHS)

Lesa Berlinghoff (LDHS)

Micah Eads (PHHS)

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