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  • How do colleges and universities view the IB Diploma? How important is the IB Program to colleges when deciding whether or not to accept a student?
    • What is most important to colleges is the rigor of a student’s courses; worldwide, academic institutions view the IB Diploma Program as the most rigorous high school coursework available. IB Diploma graduates are highly regarded because they have proven themselves capable of completing college-level work while being involved in their schools and communities. Colleges and universities know that most IB graduates will continue their involvement and academic performance at the colleges they choose to attend.
  • How many credit hours for college do IB students typically earn?
    • No high school can promise college credit based on IB test scores. Every college has its own credit policies regarding IB (and AP) test scores and credits granted can vary widely, from no credits to over 50 credits. Students should consult the institutions they are interested in attending, as well as the IBO website’s Universities and Governments section.
  • What kind of scholarships does IB give to students?
    • The International Baccalaureate Program does not award scholarships; however, completion of the IB curriculum makes students attractive to those organizations who do offer scholarships.
IB Coordinator Contact Info

Wendy Edelman (AHS)

Jessica Orth (HHS)

Lesa Berlinghoff (LDHS)

Micah Eads (PHHS)

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