• What is the Extended Essay?
    • Between the junior year and the first semester of senior year, each IB Diploma candidate conducts original research on a topic of his/her choosing; this research culminates in a 3,000-4,000 word essay. An Extended Essay Advisor and the candidate’s TOK instructor support him/her during this process.
  • What is Theory of Knowledge?
    • Theory of Knowledge, or TOK, is a seminar-style course that explores connections between subject areas (courses) and is taken during the junior and senior years. It is parts existential, philosophical, psychological, and metaphysical. In order to demonstrate learning, students submit a presentation and a reflective paper to successfully complete the course.
  • What is CAS?
    • CAS stands for Creativity-Activity-Service. During the junior and senior years, candidates must complete and document 150 hours of after-school activities that are evenly split among creative-, active-, and service-oriented endeavors. Each candidate works with the CAS coordinator to reflect on learnings from the endeavors and ensure activities fulfill CAS requirements.

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Wendy Edelman (AHS)

Jessica Orth (HHS)

Lesa Berlinghoff (LDHS)

Micah Eads (PHHS)

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